Xian Longjoy Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, its predecessor was a Chinese state-owned trading company founded in 1997, the material department. We have more than 25 years of international trade experience. At present, our main business covers Ms pipe & Fittings, PE pipe & Fittings, Steel plate, Steel coil, Flange, Valve, Cable, Adhesive.

why choose us

One-Stop Service

Based on our agency of various products and rich experience of foreign trade, we can provide a one-stop service for your demands, including procurement, agency, consulting.

Delivery Time

Nearly 20 years of professional trade experience to ensure that goods are delivered to you on time.


Our factory is a modern, automatic production and processing factory. Meanwhile, As a foreign trade company with a long history. We have established an unbreakable partnership with many large factories and obtained their foreign trade agent authorization. Therefore, We can ensure fair price and quality of goods.


We are recognized by the Chinese government and credit rating agencies as an honest enterprise with a high credit rating.

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